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    Off-Grid Resources - How-To Articles + Videos

    Going off-grid for the weekend or full-time? Learn more through our off grid resources - a library of videos and blog posts that talk through your solar power FAQs, installation questions, and more about our off-grid solar power kits too. 

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    Our Kits
    Solar Panels
    Our Kits
    Solar Panels


     Discover what others before you have learned about going off-grid, including their best tips for getting started, and general frequently asked questions we receive. It takes a village and we’re glad you’re part of the GridFree community.

    Get involved with the off-grid community in New Zealand by joining our Facebook Group 'GridFree NZ'.
    This group is full helpful information and off-grid resources to guide you through every stage of your off-grid journey!
    With over 120k members, there's always someone able to answer your off-grid and solar power FAQs.

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    Our Kits

    Not sure how much power you need for your off-grid build or to power your weekend escapes? Learn more about each of our DIY off-grid solar power kits to see which best fits your needs to go GridFree in NZ.

    Solar Panels

    Make the most of your off-grid solar power system in New Zealand. Learn all about our solar panels to help you maximise the power from your solar panels, or head up to our solar power FAQs for more about solar energy generally.

    Charge Controllers and Inverters

    What is a Charge Controller for Solar Power?

    A charge controller for solar power is an essential component of every off-grid solar system, as it protects the battery from overcharging and optimizes the energy coming from the solar panels. Because it provides such a vital function, it’s important that you get the right one for the job.

    Learn more about the different kinds of charge controllers and inverters available from GridFree to work with off-grid solar. 

    More Off Grid Resources

    Sync up with our off-gridder community on Facebook. Check out GridFree customer installation stories from others looking to venture or live off-grid, just like you. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more how-to videos and installs behind-the-scenes. Have a question you didn’t see addressed above? Contact us.