GridFree is a leading advocate for off-grid living in New Zealand. What started as a personal mission for co-founder Craig Simpson, turned into a bigger mission to make sustainable living more accessible.

We pioneered kitset + all-in-one off-grid solar power systems in NZ, and our goal has always been to offer the great service and support you need, to make your off-grid journey that much easier.


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New Zealand's growing solar market, where the alternative energy market is headed and taking a gamble on importing product.

Interview with Ethan Simpson, co-founder of GridFree

GridFree's First Year in Business - The Story of a DIY Solar Startup. (2019)

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What started as a personal mission turned into a bigger mission to make sustainable living more accessible for Kiwis

Interview with Craig Simpson, co-founder of GridFree

Off grid living, how to make it more accessible (2023)

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An enormous amount of people decided that urban living wasn’t for them, remote work freed up a lot of options.

Craig spoke to Matthew from Newsroom about going off grid

Can solar cut the urban umbilical cord? (2023)

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The recipients of this year’s annual Off-Grid Solar Power Giveaway, Sarah and Tim Webb from Hokianga

Craig spoke with Atereano Mateariki about the company and the giveaway

Radio Waatea - making off-grid living affordable (2023)

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Living off the grid has become a compelling lifestyle choice for thousands of New Zealanders

Rob Moke's story, recipient of Bach Kit Giveaway 2022

Living Off the Grid: Whānau going back to their whenua (2023)

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