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    Meet the Team

    Ethan Simpson

    Ethan is one of the founding members of the GridFree team. With a background in electrical engingeering and messing around with computers, he's one of our resident solar experts, and the designer of our very first kits. Outside of GridFree, he also runs a welding supplies business, FabDepot, and is currently immersed in PS1 games.

    Zed Song

    Zed is one of the founding members of the GridFree team. Originally working in the marketing world, he soon picked up in-depth electrical knowledge and is one of the experts you'll be talking to most days. Outside of GridFree, Zed is an avid basketball player and shoe collector, and loves spending time with his family. 

    Craig Simpson

    Craig is one of the founding members of the GridFree team. He brings 30+ years of entrepreneurial experience, and the purchase of his lifestyle block lead to the creation of GridFree. Outside of GridFree, Craig runs several other businesses, and spends his free time working on cars or messing around on his farm.

    Rachel Simpson

    Rachel is one of the early members of the GridFree team. After beginning her freelance writing career, she found herself pulled into the family business, and now enjoys managing the marketing efforts. Outside of GridFree, Rachel spends her free time painting DnD minis and starting home DIY projects.

    Jemma Smith

    Jemma has been with the GridFree team for over a year now. She brings a wealth of design expertise, and creates GridFree's visual content and marketing material in conjunction with Rachel, including the stunning GridFree Living series she directs and produces. Outside of GridFree, Jemma spends as much time as she can outdoors. 

    Billy Robb

    Billy is a new and valued member of the sales and support team. His attention to detail and drive for organisation has been a fantastic help to the day to day running of the business, and he's one of the experts you'll reach on the phone. Outside of GridFree,  Billy likes to spend time on the farm and with whanau.