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    There has to be an easier way.

    GridFree grew out of one man’s frustration as he tried to DIY an off-grid solar system for a lifestyle block in Northland. With a $90k+ price tag to connect to the grid, overpriced bespoke solutions, disinterested solar panel stores, and poor quality components, it took a shocking amount of effort to get even a simple 2-panel set-up installed.

    That’s why we started GridFree, to do it ourselves, and do it better. During our first year, we heard similar stories over and over, of people trying to set up small-scale off-grid solar and not finding any suitable options.

    First established in 2018, our GridFree team of DIY enthusiasts are dedicated to providing Kiwis with quality off-grid solar equipment, without all the hassle. We've designed a range of DIY off-grid solar power kits for any application, and will happily customise a kit to suit your needs. 

    Our goal is to help customers have the luxury of electricity in the most remote places with the most cost-effective energy solution. Speak to one of our solar experts today to get a free consultation on your off-grid solar system. GridFree is 100% New Zealand owned and operated!

    GridFree Solar Panel Stores - Craig's Cabin with the Weekend Warrior Solar Kit