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Your all-in-one DIY off-grid solar kit.

Each of our off grid solar power system kitsets includes everything you'll need to go off the grid - and full install instructions!

"I chose GridFree because they were the only ones who were making solar power look as simple as it is."

a Pioneering solar energy equipment supplier

Why GridFree?

If you're going off the grid, your choice of solar energy equipment supplier is one of many choices you'll have to make. We pioneered the all-in-one off-grid solar power system kitset in NZ, and our goal has always been to offer the great service and support you need, to make your off-grid journey that much easier.

DIY-Friendly Installation

With detailed instruction manuals, videos, and phone support, our kits are easy to install yourself (or hand to a sparky).


Can I install my own off-grid solar?

Going off the grid? In New Zealand you can install your own off grid solar up until the point of 240V AC wiring - such as wiring into a household switchboard - which by law can only be done by an electrician. We make installation easy with DIY off grid solar kits in various sizes to fit your lifestyle.

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Not sure which off grid solar power system is best for your lifestyle? We've created a quick and simple quiz that will give you two kit suggestions to get you started down the right path.

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