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    Below is an example of what you can run throughout a day if you are generating 14,000Wh of energy (~3 sunlight hours, Winter).
    We do NOT recommend using this solar kit for Water Heating, Space Heating or Cooking applications - learn more.

    100W Lighting
    4hrs/day (400Wh)

    50W Fan
    2hrs/day (100Wh)

    2000W Coffee Maker
    4 Mins (140Wh)

    20W Wireless Router
    24hrs/day (480Wh)

    600W Water Pump
    1 hours a day (600Wh)

    2000W Microwave
    5 Minutes (170Wh)

    Efficient Fridge/Freezer
    24hrs/day (1000Wh)

    60W Laptop
    4hrs/day (240Wh)

    100W Television
    2hrs/day (200Wh)

    25W Phone Charger
    6hrs/day (150Wh)

    1800W Kettle
    10 Mins (300Wh)

    2000W Toaster
    3 Mins (100Wh)

    500W Washing Machine
    2x/week Avg (125Wh)

    240W Lighting

    8 hours a day (1,920Wh)

    50W Fan

    8 hours a day (400Wh)

    2000W Coffee Maker

    10 Minutes (300Wh)

    20W Wireless Router

    24 hours a day (480Wh)

    600W Water Pump

    2 hours a day (1200Wh)

    1800W Dishwasher 

    1 hours a day (1800Wh)

    2000W Microwave

    20 Minutes (600Wh)

    Efficient Fridge/Freezer

    24 hours a day (1000Wh)

    60W Laptop

    12 hours a day (720Wh)

    100W Television

    6 hours a day (600Wh)

    60W Cordless Tool Charger

    12 hours a day (720Wh)

    1500W Hair Dryer

    15 minutes a day (375wh) 

    25W Phone Charger

    12 hours a day (300Wh)

    375L Chest Freezer

    24 Hours a day (460Wh) 

    2000W 4 Slice Toaster

    12 Minutes (200Wh)

    500W Washing Machine (ColdWash)

    4x a week Average (250Wh)

    1800W Kettle

    10 Minutes (300Wh)

    200W Cordless Vacuum

    30 Minutes (100Wh)

    Our kits are not to be used for vital or life supporting systems. This list is a guide to what you might run in the course of a day, but can be swapped out to suit your needs, (within the daily Watt hour estimations). This estimate is based off the NZ winter average of 3 hours of sunlight per day (Summer averages about 7 hours). This doesn't account for situations in which you may have to cut back on your power use or supplement with a generator due to several days of poor weather preventing your battery bank from adequately recharging each day. Learn more here.  

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    Not sure if this kit is for you? Learn more about the Lifestyle Kit solar power for off-grid living.

    All Hardware Included

    You’ll find everything you need to get your off-grid home set up and running with our solar power for homes kit which includes 12 solar panels, 12 batteries to store your solar energy, a hybrid inverter, and all the cables, crimp connections, circuit breakers, and mounting hardware.
    We also offer the tools required if you wish to make any changes or alterations to the base kit, and a number of related accessories.

    Feature Rich Equipment

    We supply our Lifestyle Kit with the Growatt SPF 5kW ES Hybrid Inverter unit. The hybrid inverter allows you wire your solar power system into your household switchboard, and also supplement your energy usage with grid power or a generator.

    Trina Perc Mono solar panels are our panel of choice. They use the latest technology to ensure their panels are as efficient as possible, meaning they produce 390W+ from a size where most panels only produce 270W at the best of times

    All our Standard kits come with our 200Ah 12V battery, specifically designed for solar usage - no trickle charging needed. We are so confident in this battery we offer our warranty based on a 50% Depth of Discharge (DoD), while most companies only warranty a 20% DoD.