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    How other customers use the Tiny House Kit:

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    Aiden's Tiny House

    Marie's Tiny House

    Below is an example of what you can run throughout a day if you are generating 4,500Wh of energy (~3 sunlight hours, Winter).
    We do NOT recommend using this solar kit for Water Heating, Space Heating or Cooking applications - learn more.

    25W Lighting

    6 hours a day (150Wh)

    50W Fan

    2 hours a day (100Wh)

    2000W Coffee Maker

    4 Minutes (140Wh)

    20W Wireless Router

    24 hours a day (480Wh)

    2000W Microwave

    10 Minutes (340Wh)

    Efficient Fridge/Freezer

    24 hours a day (1000Wh)

    100W Television

    2 hours a day (200Wh)

    25W Phone Charger

    6 hours a day (150Wh)

    1800W Kettle

    15Minutes (300Wh)

    600W Water Pump

    1 hour a day (600Wh)

    All Hardware Included

    This kit comes with everything you need to get up and running - including all the cables, crimp connections, circuit breakers, and mounting hardware. (Depending on your setup you may need to buy conduit to run the wire through, which is not included in the kit, as this will vary for every install).

    We also offer the tools required if you wish to make any changes or alterations to the base kit, and a number of related accessories.

    Equipment We Trust

    We use EPEVER charge controllers and inverters, which can be connected to a WiFi or bluetooth module for more detailed configuration and monitoring. The standard inverter comes with a universal wall outlet, so it doesn't have to be wired into a switch board.

    Trina Perc Mono solar panels are our panel of choice. They use the latest technology to ensure their panels are as efficient as possible, meaning they produce 330W+ from a size where most panels only produce 270W at the best of times.

    All our kits come with our 200Ah 12V battery, specifically designed for solar usage - no trickle charging needed. We are so confident in this battery we offer our warranty based on a 50% Depth of Discharge (DoD), while most companies only warranty a 20% DoD.