A Quick Guide to the Weekend Warrior Kit

A Quick Guide to the Weekend Warrior Kit

Weekend warriors, find the power you need to take to go off-grid and get away from the city. With our Weekend Warrior campervan solar panel kit, NZ is yours to explore. Learn how to install solar panels on a caravan or bring power to a little cabin! 

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Weekend warriors, find the power you need to take to go off-grid and get away from the city. With our Weekend Warrior campervan solar panel kit, NZ is yours to explore. Learn how to install solar panels on a caravan or bring power to a little cabin! 

Calling All Weekend Warriors 

When you use the Weekend Warrior kit as a campervan solar panel kit, NZ is yours to explore on a weekend getaway in a campervan. Escaping to a little cabin? Simply use the power you need, then leave the solar batteries to recharge during the week!

How to Install Solar Panels on a Caravan

The Weekend Warrior kit is easy to set-up too, almost easier to install in a caravan than in a house. The main thing to keep in mind is making sure you have enough flat roof space to accommodate the 1.1mx1.8m solar panels, because that will affect how to arrange them. On caravans and campervans, weight and placement are important to consider, and the total weight of this kit clocks in at about 160kg.

Power Your Cabin

The Weekend Warrior Kit is great for cabins which are already intended to be low power usage. You have enough power to light up your nights, keep your food cold, and charge any devices you’ve got. One customer even set this kit up on a playhouse for his kids so they can get into shenanigans without the parents listening in. 

Every Weekend, An Adventure

It’s so good for the soul to get away from the city and head into nature. But maybe you’re not quite ready or wanting to live off-grid full-time? The Weekend Warrior Kit gets you. It’s geared toward running your 24/7 essentials for a few days a week. Depending on your other power use, this kit can have the capacity to boil an electric kettle if you need a cuppa, or to toast bread for one, but that kind of power usage should be kept short and sweet. Find out what this kit can run.

Get Outdoors and Go Off-Grid on the Weekends

The main thing to consider with this kit is it gives just enough power to keep your essentials covered over the weekend, instead of covering the luxuries of home. We like to think that’s a good excuse to get outside and even get a woodburning stove for food prep. With two solar panels and two batteries, you’ll find the kit gives you everything you need to go solar at a low price. Learn more about the Weekend Warrior Kit contents.

Tips for Weekend Warriors

Make sure you check out our video about how to install solar panels on a caravan - it’s easier than you think! If you’re planning to run the kit for everyday use, it’s important not to let the battery drain too low—you never know if the weather might be overcast tomorrow. On the other hand, if you use up all your power on Sunday then drive home to the city, you’ve got five whole days for it to recharge. Think you need more power? Talk to us about upgrading the kit either now or later, and we can help you make the right plans.

If you’re already thinking you might need more power on those weekends, or plan to live full-time off-grid, consider the Tiny House Kit. If you’ve got the roof space to accommodate 4 solar panels, the Tiny House Kit will alleviate those power worries and the need to head back to a campground on rainy days. Plus, if you’re going to be using power more often or even everyday, the Tiny House kit offers more solar panel capacity to recharge the batteries, instead of running the risk of leaving the Weekend Warrior Kit batteries low for too long (which damages them). You might find that extra bit of power generation is just what you need.

With our campervan solar panel kit, NZ travels just got a lot easier.

Make every weekend a holiday with the Weekend Warrior Kit.

Need Less Power or More Power

Find the right power option for you. Check out our full range of DIY solar power kits - like the Starter Kit for leaner power needs, and the Tiny House Kit, offering more power than the Weekend Warrior.