A Quick Guide to the Starter Kit

A Quick Guide to the Starter Kit

The Starter Kit has been discontinued and we will no longer be accepting orders for this kit. The next kit size up is the Weekend Warrior Kit, click here to view it. 

We will continue to provide support to customers who have purchased this kit.

Solar Power for Camper vans, Caravans, and More

You don’t have to live off-grid full time to take advantage of the freedom of off-grid power. The GridFree Weekend Warrior Kit is ideal for providing solar power for camper vans and caravans when you want to go on holiday travelling around New Zealand. But beyond the campervan, this solar panel kit can also power a shed away from your house as a retreat when the kids get loud and you need me-time, or even to power a playhouse for the kids. When using this kit as a campervan solar panel kit, NZ can be your playground.

Low Power Solution to Fit Your Weekend Adventure Lifestyle

The Weekend Warrior Kit is the I-only-need-a-little-bit-of-power kit - like powering weekend camping trips in the caravan and then letting the battery recharge during the week. Or, if you’re planning summer holiday trips to just power a few lights, a mini fridge, and charge phones, you’ll be fine with the Weekend Warrior Kit. How good would it be to have your batteries charging while you're down at the beach? To have the freedom to travel to the most remote places in NZ and still have access to power? The Weekend Warrior Kit lets you do just that.

On the other hand, if you’re already living off-grid, the Weekend Warrior Kit can make your day to day life easier. It’s a good solution if you’re sick of running a generator just to turn on the lights at night, and can mean you don’t have to go into town for ice because you're powering a little fridge with this campervan solar panel kit, NZ.

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Campervan Solar Panel Kit NZ

Setting up the GridFree Weekend Warrior Kit is easy - it's a plug-n-play system that doesn’t require a technical degree to get up and running. Plus, since the batteries comes fully charged fresh from the factory, as soon as you set it up you’ll have power. This kit is available at the lowest possible price with everything you need to get up and running with DIY solar power.

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Know Your Needs: How Much Solar Power for Camper Vans, Caravans + Beyond

Before you get started, we recommend putting together a rough list of appliances you’d like to run and how long you’ll use them each day - split this list into must-haves and nice-to-haves. Keep in mind electric heaters, ovens/hobs, and hot water cylinders use heaps of power, and you should switch these to alternative sources such as gas and wood burners to keep your solar costs reasonable. 

Then, take your list, compare it to our example daily usage for each kit, and find the one that’s appropriate for what you want to run. You may find that making a few compromises on the nice-to-haves means you can choose a cheaper kit and save a few grand.

Keep in mind the power produced by the solar panels will change over the year as sunlight hours change. In the peak of summer, most places in New Zealand get between 6-8 hours of sunlight, whereas winter gets less sunlight, about 3-4 hours. This means you may need to adjust your usage to conserve energy over the year, however our example daily usage is based on winter averages. 

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If you think you might need more power than this solar power kit for camper vans in the future, level up with a kit that offers more power like our  Tiny House Kit. Which kit is right for you?