Y-Branch Connector - 1 meter

Y-Branch Connector - 1 meter

Y branch connectors - 1 meter

A pair of connectors: One (1)Male to (4)Female and one (1)Female to (4)Male for running 4 strings of panels input to 4 strings of panels output. 

Trunk Cable specification: 6mm2 (AWG10) 
Branch Cable specification: 4mm2 (AWG12) 
Rated current: 50A 
Rated voltage: 1000V DC 
Test voltage: 6000V(50Hz,1 min) 
Contact material: Copper,tin plated 
Insulation material: PPO 
Degree of protection: IP67 
Satety class: II


<p><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">Trunk Cable specification: 6mm2 (AWG10)&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">Branch Cable specification: 4mm2 (AWG12)&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">Rated current: 50A&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">Rated voltage: 1000V DC&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">Test voltage: 6000V(50Hz,1 min)&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">Contact material: Copper,tin plated&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">Insulation material: PPO&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">Degree of protection: IP67&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">Satety class: II</span></p>