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Z-Bracket Solar mount
Z-Bracket Solar mount
Z-Bracket Solar mount
Z-Bracket Solar mount

Z-Bracket Solar mount


The Z-Bracket Mount Kit makes for easy installation of solar panels on an RV, Caravan, Yacht, Motorhomes or any flat roof.

- Material: Aluminum alloy 
- Size: 100 x 66 x 42mm 
- Weight: 258g 
- Colour: Silver 
- Packaging: box 

- 4pcs Aluminum solar panel mounting brackets 
- 4pcs M6 x 16 bolt 
- 4pcs Nut m6 
- 8pcs wood screws 
- 4pcs lock washer 
- 4pcs Washer

Install Manual


<p><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">Specifications:&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">- Material: Aluminum alloy&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">- Size: 100 x 66 x 42mm&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">- Weight: 258g&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">- Colour: Silver&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">- Packaging: box&nbsp;</span><br><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">Includes:&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">- 4pcs Aluminum solar panel mounting brackets&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">- 4pcs M6 x 16 bolt&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">- 4pcs Nut m6&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">- 8pcs wood screws&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">- 4pcs lock washer&nbsp;</span><br><span style="color:rgb(33,43,54);">- 4pcs Washer</span></p>