Tomzn 125A DC Circuit Breaker

Tomzn 125A DC Circuit Breaker


The Tomzn Electric 125A DC circuit breaker is rated for current of 125A or less with a DC rating of 220V and 600V. It's our pick for what to use to protect your solar panels and solar power systems from overload or short circuits. 


  • Adheres to IEC60898-1, GB14048.2 standard.
  • Rated Voltage: DC 600V
  • Rated Current: 125A
  • 2 Poles
  • Breaking Current Icu(A): 10KA

<p style="margin-left:0px;">Adheres to&nbsp;IEC60898-1, GB14048.2 standard.</p><p style="margin-left:0px;">Rated Voltage: DC 600V</p><p style="margin-left:0px;">Rated Current: 125A</p><p style="margin-left:0px;">2 Poles</p><p style="margin-left:0px;">Breaking Current Icu(A): 10KA</p>