Kinergier Pro 5000W Inverter Charger

Kinergier Pro 5000W Inverter Charger


The Kinergier Pro is a new generation inverter charger, Combined with an Inverter, battery charger and transfer switch into one compact package, allowed to expand its system capacity through parallel and three-phase operation up to 9 units. Featuring 0ms UPS transfer time, it is an ideal inverter for powering various mission-critical loads. It is designed for various types of off grid systems including DC coupled PV system, AC coupled PV system, or even a combination of both. 


Its high surge capability makes it capable to deal with initial/surge currents of high-demanding appliances, such as: Heat pumps, washing machine, freezers and etc. Thanks to its intelligent power assist and power control function, it works well with most diesel/petrol generators. Kinergier Pro can atomically adjust its charging current by taking loads into account to protect generators from overloading. Once a temporary peak power appears, it can also discharge batteries to supply power to compensate.

Fully Compatible with TBB range of Lithium batteries (ES100 II)

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<li>Support AC coupled PV system, DC coupled PV system and the combination of both</li>
<li>High surge capacity for starting up high load appliances</li>
<li>Ultra fast 0-2ms transfer time to protect mission critical load</li>
<li>Outstanding overload capability for powering various inductive loads</li>
<li>Controlled by digital signal processors</li>
<li>Support parallel and 3-phase operation</li>
<li>Two AC output for load management</li>
<li>Extremely Low self-consumption power</li>
<li>Support automatic start/stop generator according to battery S.O.C and load power</li>
<li>Support remote monitoring via Nova APP</li>