GT Power GT4000ESi Inverter Generator with Electric Start 4000W

GT Power GT4000ESi Inverter Generator with Electric Start 4000W

GT4000ESI - 4000W Push Button Start Silenced Inverter Generator

Compact yet sturdy, the GT4000ESi is designed with portability in mind. The silenced casing and unique GT Power features combine to create a versatile machine which can be used in a variety of applications.

This generator is 100% compatible with all our 'Hybrid' Solar Kits. For battery charging only, it is recommended for all of our kits. To support battery charging and using household power concurrently, this size generator is recommended for the Weekend Warrior, Tiny House, and Bach Kit.

*5% Discount applies when purchased with the any Off-Grid Solar kits. 

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<ul><li>4000W (max), 3500W (rated)</li><li>Push button start with remote starting</li><li>Two-wire start perfect for solar integration</li><li>Reliable Powerdyne 4-stroke OHV engine</li><li>High performance air cleaner system for improved performance</li><li>Large capacity muffler and silenced casing for super quiet operation</li><li>Thermal overload circuit breakers for increased safety while operating</li><li>Heavy duty wheel set and handle for improved portability</li><li>2x 15A plugs (single phase)</li></ul>