48V to 12V DC Converter

48V to 12V DC Converter



These DC converters are perfect for when you want to run 12V DC loads from a higher voltage battery bank.


<ul><li>Input rated voltage: 48V DC&nbsp;</li><li>Input voltage range: 30-60V DC&nbsp;</li><li>Conversion Efficiency: 95% (half load) ; 94% (full load)&nbsp;</li><li>Output voltage: 12V DC&nbsp;</li><li>Output current: 20&nbsp;Amps</li><li>Output rated power: 240&nbsp;Watts&nbsp;</li><li>Output peak power: 125%&nbsp;</li><li>Voltage regulation: &lt; 1%&nbsp;</li><li>Load regulation: &lt; 2%&nbsp;</li><li>Ripple (full load test): &lt; 150mV&nbsp;</li><li>No-load current: &lt; 20mA&nbsp;</li><li>Working Temperature: -40°c ~ +80°c&nbsp;</li><li>Waterproof rating: IP 68&nbsp;</li><li>Built-In Protection: Over-load, Over-current, Over-temperature, Over-voltage&nbsp;</li><li>Machine size: 74*74*32mm&nbsp;</li><li>Package size: 98*82*34mm&nbsp;</li><li>N. Weight: 290g&nbsp;</li><li>W. Weight: 300g&nbsp;</li><li>Cooling: Free air convection&nbsp;</li><li>Certifications: CE, RoHS</li></ul>