Thinking about homesteading in New Zealand? 
Start your off-grid lifestyle today with one of our complete DIY off-grid solar power kits.
First established in 2018, our GridFree team of DIY enthusiasts are dedicated to providing Kiwis with quality off-grid solar equipment, without all the hassle. Our goal is to help customers have the luxury of electricity in the most remote places with the most cost-effective energy solution.
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Learning Resources

A one-stop shop of resources to help you learn all things solar power and off-grid living! Learn about the fundamentals of off-grid solar (from the basics of how an off-grid system functions, to troubleshooting guides and installation tips), as well a number of different topics related to off-gridding and homesteading!

self sufficient living nz, self sustainable living nz

Homesteading tips from experienced off-gridders

Off-Gridder Stories + Advice

Check out the stories, photos, and videos from a bunch of our happy customers over the years to show you just how easy it is to get set up with off-grid solar power, what it's like to live GridFree, and how they are homesteading.

Homesteading is easy with

DIY Off-Grid Solar Kits

To help make your journey to building a homestead easier, we offer a range of kits to suit different power needs. An off-grid solar kit supports a homesteading lifestyle by removing your reliance on the power grid.

We've calculated example usage for each of our kits to make it easy to pick the right one for you, and we can even customise our kits to suit your specific needs. These kits are based on five common scenarios, but not everyone's power use is the same, so you can either use our load calculator to work out exactly what you need, or get in touch and we can do it together.

Bach Kit

Perfect for 1-2 people full time
with moderate needs

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Watch the video series

GridFree Living Episodes

From housebuses to homesteads and ambulances to offices, everyone goes off-grid differently. In GridFree Living, we visit off-gridders to hear all about the things they've learnt from their lifestyle!

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Connect with off-gridders

Get involved with a growing community of off-gridders! Our Facebook group, 'GridFree NZ' is over 150k members who all love to help people learn about homesteading, solar, off-grid life, homesteading, self sufficient living, NZ-specific queries, and so much more!