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    Complete Off the Grid Solar Power Kits

    See GridFree's wide range of off the grid solar power kits with off grid solar panels made to fit your next project or adventure. These are all complete kits that include everything you need to get up and running on solar power, DIY-friendly.

    Click here for a quick guide on which kit to choose.

    The Bach Kit The Bach Kit
    From $6,199.00
    The Tiny House Kit The Tiny House Kit
    From $4,999.00
    The Freedom Kit The Freedom Kit
    From $10,499.00
    The Weekend Warrior Kit The Weekend Warrior Kit
    From $3,299.00
    The Starter Kit - 1500W Inverter The Starter Kit - 1500W Inverter
    Lifestyle Kit Lifestyle Kit
    From $16,299.00