We have been working hard on a range of kits to solve the age old issue of water, and we are proud to announce that after months of testing we have created a reliable solution. We are now moving on to polishing our manuals and resources, so in the mean time, we would like to know what kits would suit our customers best.

What are our solar pumping kits?

They are designed around a submersible screw pump which is a great match for solar. They include: the pump, solar panels, mounting hardware, the pump/solar controller, PV cabling, pressure gauge, pressure switch, and a check value. All you need to do is run the pipe and tune the switch to your needs.

What can I use these for?

Commonly solar pumping is used to move water from a dam to a higher up tank. This tank usually feeds a farm or house. You can also uses these systems to pump from a tank at the same level as your house to a tank at a higher level. In both cases you are using the power from the sun when it's shining to keep your tank full, and the rest of the time that tank is feeding everything else.

Why would I pick solar for a pumping system?

Quite often grid power is not available to every part of your land but you still need water. The most common alternative is a petrol pump which can end up costing a lot more in fuel and time over the long run.

Solar pumps can also be a more cost effective solution than a grid powered pump. Because they do not need batteries, these systems are very competitively priced!

If you are interested in a well priced, reliable, and well-supported DIY solar pumping solution, please register your interest below. Anyone who registers their interest below will receive a $50 discount on one of our pumping kits.

SYSTEMS STARING FROM $2000.00 - View here.

If you need a different system than what we currently offer, let us know and we can look into a customised solution.