Total Weight: 350kg
Panels: 20kg each
Batteries: 60kg each (standard)
Panels: 1100x1750x30mm
Batteries 522x224x240mm
Daily Expected Output:
Array: 4 x 390W
Winter: 4.6 kWh - 3 sunlight hours
Summer: 10.9 kWh - 7 sunlight hours
Inverter Output:
Standard: 3000W, 6900W Surge
or Hybrid Inverter/Charger (Upgrade): 5000W, 10KVA Surge
or Hybrid Inverter/Charger (Upgrade): 6000W, 18KVA Surge
Storage Capacity:
Standard GEL Lead Acid: 9.6kWh / 4.8kWh Usable at 50% depth of discharge
Lithium (Upgrade): 5.12kwh / 4.09kwh Usable at 80% depth of discharge  (+$2,899)
Charge Controller:
Standard: 60A, supports up to 8 panels
Hybrid (Upgrade): 80A, supports up to 12 panels per unit *Hybrid inverter can be paralleled up to 6 units.