The Bach Kit Zyber
The Bach Kit Zyber
The Bach Kit Zyber
The Bach Kit Zyber

The Bach Kit Zyber


This complete DIY off-grid solar power kit is simple and affordable, ideal for 1-2 adults using it full time.

  • Get solar power for your camper van or house bus!
  • Great choice for off-grid cabins or baches.
  • Our most popular kit.

Kit Contents, Specs, and Manuals can all be found below.

The Bach Kit Standard comes with Gel Batteries and a Standalone Inverter.

  • Gel Batteries are 60kg each, have a 3-5 year lifespan, with 50% DoD.
  • A Standalone Inverter has a standard 3-pin plug point, but requires a separate charge controller(incl.), and a battery charger(not incl.) for generator input. 

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Installation: The solar panels and their cables are the only parts in these kits that are okay outside. The charge controller, inverter, and hybrid inverter are not IP rated and should be kept away from moisture including condensation.

DoD: Depth of Discharge. Refers to what percentage of the total battery capacity can be used regularly without damaging the battery. For example, with a Lead Acid battery, a 50% voltage reading should be considered 0% power left, and you should stop using power. 

What are peak sun hours? Read this article.

How do you know how much power you need? Read this article.

What not to run on solar? Read this article.


This complete DIY off-grid solar power kit is simple and affordable, ideal for 1-2 adults using it full time. This is our most popular kit! It's a great way to get solar power for your camper van or house bus, and a great choice for off-grid cabins or baches too! Got questions, or want to customise this kit? Get in touch with one of our friendly solar experts to talk about your solar options. Shipping rates are linked at the bottom of this page. You can find all contents, specs, and downloads further down the page!

What can the Bach Kit run?

Below is an example of one day's total power usage, if you're getting at least 3 sun hours - this is ~4,500Wh of energy per day and can be expected for >80% of the year. (Learn more.) These items are a guide to what you might run over one day, and they can be swapped out to suit your needs within the generation estimate. (Read more.) We highly recommend having a back-up generator with these kits if you won't be able to conserve power during low-sun periods.
(Need a jargon breakdown?)

2000W Coffee Maker

4 minutes (140wh)

25W Phone Charger

6 hours a day (150wh)

50W Fan

2 hours a day (100wh)

Efficient Fridge/Freezer

24 hours a day (1000wh)

1800W Kettle

10 minutes (300wh)

60W Laptop

4 hours a day (240wh)

100W Lighting

4 hours a day (400wh)

2000W Microwave

5 minutes (170wh)

600W Water Pump

1 hours a day (600wh)

20W Wireless Router

24 hours a day (480wh)

100W Television

2 hours a day (200wh)

2000W 4 Slice Toaster

3 minutes (100wh)

200W Cordless Vacuum

30 minutes (100wh)

500W Washing Machine

twice a week average (125wh)

Not sure how much power you need? Read this article to learn how to calculate your needs.

This example doesn't account for days when you may have to cut back on power use (or supplement with a generator) due to several days of poor weather preventing your batteries from fully recharging each day. Learn more here. Our kits should not be used for vital or life-supporting systems, and we recommend finding alternative solutions for Water/Space Heating, Cooking, or EV charging to maximise your budget - Why?

Not the right kit for you?

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Not the right kit for you?

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Includes everything you need to get up and running.

Includes all the cables, crimp connections, circuit breakers, and mounting hardware required. (You may need to buy conduit to run the wire through, which is not included in the kit, as this will vary for every install). We also offer the tools required if you wish to make any changes or alterations to the base kit, and a number of related accessories. Product contents not showing? You can also download the installation instructions to see the list.

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Bach Kit Specifications

Total Weight: 350 kg

Panels: 20kg each, Batteries: Gel: 60kg each, Lithium: 30kg each


Panels: 1100x1750x30mm, Batteries: Gel: 522x224x240mm, Lithium: 650x260x170mm

Daily Expected Output

Array: 4 x 385-395W, Winter: 4.5 kWh, Summer: 10.5 kWh

Inverter Output

Standard: 3kW, 6.9kW Surge. Hybrid: 5kW, 10kW Surge

Storage Capacity

Gel: 9.6kWh (4.8kWh Usable), Lithium: 5.12kWh (4.09kWh Usable)

Charge Controller

Standalone: 60A, up to 8 panels, Hybrid: 80A, up to 12 panels, *Hybrid inverter can be paralleled up to 6 units.

Choose your inverter

Standalone or Hybrid

Standalone (Standard)

The standalone inverter acts only as an inverter, requiring a separate charge controller (incl.) and optional battery charger (for generator input) to work in an off-grid system. This battery charger will need to be manually started each time it’s needed. The standalone inverter comes with a standard 3-pin outlet for immediate power use, and only requires an electrician if it will be wired into a switchboard. 

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Hybrid (Upgrade)

The hybrid inverter is a more expensive unit. It combines the 3 components in one, and this allows you to connect a generator that will kick in when your batteries hit a specified percentage. However, it lacks a 3-pin outlet and must be wired into a switchboard, so an electrician is required, resulting in a higher installation cost. A hybrid unit is required for Lithium batteries.

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Choose your battery

Gel or Lithium

Gel (Standard)

Our sealed Gel batteries weigh 60kg each, and should only be regularly discharged to 50% of their total capacity. They have an expected lifespan of 3-5 years depending on how well they are treated, and can easily become damaged from regularly being over-discharged or sitting partially charged. They work with either a standalone or hybrid inverter. They are a budget-friendly option for small scale set-ups.

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Lithium (Upgrade)

Our Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries weigh 30kg each, replace Gel batteries in our kits at a 1:2 ratio, and can be discharged up to 80% of their total capacity. They have an expected lifespan of 10-15 years with normal usage, and are more resistant to damage from over-discharging and sitting partially charged. They require a hybrid inverter to work. They are more economical in the long run for full-time living.

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How to choose

Solar Panel Mounts


The Universal Roof Mount allows you to mount your panels flat on any type of roof along a pair of rails. The rails are attached to the roof with L-shaped brackets, and the panels are clamped to the rails, making it much easier to mount four or more panels on your roof.


The Corrugated Iron Roof mount performs similarly to the universal roof mount, but it is a rail-free option that sits in the grooves of corrugated iron. The mounts are secured to the roof and then the panels are clamped onto them directly instead of rails.  


The Ground mount allows you to mount your panels on the ground along a pair of rails attached to a triangular frame, and the panels are clamped to the rails. The frame is mounted on something secured in the ground, and the angle can only be adjusted during the install.


The Tilt mount allows you to mount your panels on a flat/low pitch roof at an angle to maximise solar energy, adjustable by up to 15 degrees after the initial install. The rails are attached to a triangular frame mounted to the roof, and the panels are clamped to the rails.