Narada 48V100Ah Lithium Battery NPFC100
Narada 48V100Ah Lithium Battery NPFC100

Narada 48V100Ah Lithium Battery NPFC100


The Narada 48V100Ah NPFC100 battery is a 48V LiFePO battery, suitable for a wide variety of applications, including off-grid solar.

The Narada 48V 4.8kWh lithium battery incorporates a top of the line BMS (Battery Management System) module that allows remote monitoring and support of the batteries (voltage, current, temperature of each module/cell, protections against overcharging, etc).    

The NFPC100 series also incorporates one RS232 port and two RS485 ports on the front that allow parallel connection with other modules. The modular design and simplicity of connecting batteries in parallel (8 units up to a maximum of 16) make this model a great choice for any off grid solar application. 


- The Narada 48NPFC100 48V 4.8kWh has high energy density and lower weight than other batteries on the market with similar characteristics.

-  LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) are the newest generation batteries with long useful life.

- It has faster charging capacity compared to similar batteries.

-  Advanced BMS (integrated Battery Management System) controls temperature, voltage and other parameters, optimising its operation and ensuring both the safety of the battery and the integrity of other connected elements.

- It has two RS485 ports to make connections in parallel and increase the capacity of the equipment up to a maximum of 8 batteries in parallel.

- LED indicator on battery face shows remaining battery percentage

- Low rate of self-discharge and has no memory effect.

- It does not require maintenance nor does it emit gases.

- This Narada 48NPFC100 48V 4.8kWh battery model is one of the most efficient models on the market

For all technical data and specifications, please follow the links below:

 Technical Specification

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