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    Howdy off-gridders!

    Our latest customer story comes to us from Peter in the beautiful Pelorus Sound - just look at that little slice of paradise! You can also check out Karen's (@TravellingK) video talking about her experience with two of our kits below.

    In case you missed it, we recently celebrated our Facebook group reaching 100k members by giving away one of our Bach Kits, and we recently announced the winner as Leah from Whangarei! Keep an eye out for updates on the install.

    Also in this newsletter: Top Tips from Off-Gridders! GridFree NZ is full of off-gridders with heaps of knowledge they love to share, so we compiled a bunch of those tips into one article. If you haven't already, feel free to join our Facebook Group 'GridFree NZ' below - we now have over 100k members!

    Heading into summer, it's the perfect time to plan your solar - the weather's pleasant for the install, and you've got plenty of leeway while you're learning how much power you can use. Check out our DIY solar kits, or get in touch to talk about upgrading!

    From Rachel, Ethan, Zed, Jemma, and Billy

    Peter in Pelorus

    "Your Bach kit has greatly improved things and we are very pleased with the result. We now run the following, Fridge, Microwave, freezer, all the lighting, TV, washing machine will shortly see how we go with a toaster and electric jug."

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    Karen in Taumarunui

    Karen and Hayden come from caravanning backgrounds, but now are building an off-grid life on their new lifestyle block in Taumarunui, complete with two GridFree kits.

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    Top Tips 
    GridFree NZ is full of off-gridders with plenty of knowledge about all the different areas of off-gridding, so we pulled together some of their advice to help you on your journey! 

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    Looking to learn more from other off-gridders?

    Our Facebook group, GridFree NZ, has grown to nearly 110k members! There's lots of great discussions in there, from land for sale and commune planning, to product recommendations and stories of other people's off-grid lifestyles.

    Top Post of the Month in GridFree NZ

    Shared by Matt, the most popular post this month is Matt's story about turning a broken old house into a off-grid home in Kaipara. 

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    Other News

    Congrats Leah
    Leah in Whangarei has won her very own Bach Kit and free install - keep an eye out for our upcoming video. To all who missed out, we welcome you to re-enter next time!

    New at GridFree
    We've recently had a number of changes to our stock at GridFree - we now stock the new Growatt hybrid inverter/charger and lithium batteries, and with our next shipment due in mid-December, will be offering an upgraded version of the 3000W standard inverter.

    Get Solar Sorted

    Summer's the perfect time to install or upgrade your solar kit, while there's plenty of sun to keep you going!

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