You can install solar power yourself! First thing's first - if you're not able to install your kit immediately you'll want to give the batteries a top up charge every three months to keep them in good condition. You can just use a regular 12V car battery charger for this.

Your kit comes with a full instruction booklet, and we recommend giving this a read before install day, so you can prepare your tools and roof access. If you lose the booklet, you can download it from the kit webpage in the Downloads section, or here.

If you're not comfortable doing any part of this yourself, you can get in touch with one our recommended solar Installers to install solar power instead. While most of our kits are designed to be fully DIY, there are some exceptions. Wiring your standard or hybrid inverter into the switchboard legally requires an electrician as it involves 240V AC and we recommend contacting one of our listed solar installers as they are familiar with our kits.

Once your kit is installed, follow the instructions in your booklet to turn the system on, and enjoy your GridFree power! If you have any problems, double check everything is wired correctly, then check the troubleshooting section in your booklet or in our Knowledge Base. If your issue is not resolved, please get in touch with the details so we can sort it out.