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    Off-Grid Resources - Products and Services

    Broadband for Tiny Homes - Wireless Nation

    Wireless Nation provides wireless broadband for Tiny Homes and alternative living. The connection works on solar and is not geo-locked meaning you can take your broadband with you wherever your Tiny Home goes (as long as you are in coverage!). Find out why Wireless Nation was voted NZ’s Best Wireless Service Provider 2020.

    Check out their plans here, or give Wireless Nation a call on 0800 101 143 to chat to their friendly local NZ based call centre.

    Far North Light Engineering and 3D Printing

    Far North Light Engineering specialises in small scale, one-off engineering work and 3D print design, manufacture, spares, repair and teaching.

    Urine diverters/ separation units now available in 3 formats to suit different conditions. All models are able to be modified and manufactured to suit.
    More information available here: www.farnorth3dp.co.nz
    Or check out their Facebook page.

    Top Reviews NZ

    At Top Reviews, it is their mission to help you find the best of everything in New Zealand. Whether you are looking for a Chiropractor or a mop, they have you covered!

    A good review is never finished. With constantly new options to choose from, their job is never done. When picking their favourites they work hard to evaluate all the options, speak to all the experts and help make the buying experience as simple as possible. View their site here: https://www.topreviews.co.nz/

    Coastal Connections Electrical Services


    Joe Kelly
    Managing Director
    Email: joe@coastalconnections.co.nz
    Mobile: 0275286303
    Address: Red Beach / Auckland / 0932
    Website: www.coastalconnections.co.nz


    Coastal Connections is fully accredited under the Master Electricians brand. Based in Red Beach and servicing the Auckland & Rodney region.