For most people, the easiest way to choose your kit is to simply start comparing our kit estimations to your needs. On every kit page, we've got a section outlining what you might expect to run on this kit over the course of one day, like this:

Keep in mind, this isn't intended to be all running at once. For example, you might run the coffee machine in the morning, then later you run the washing machine and the fan, then in the evening put the devices on charge, turn on the lights, and watch TV - with the fridge running the whole time. It also doesn't have to be exactly like our example, you might have a water pump and not need a toaster, so you can swap out whatever works for you, while keeping the expected power use over the day the same. You can also have a look at our comparison table (also linked in the main navigation bar) to see how the kits differ.

Then you may need to decide if you want to upgrade to a hybrid inverter. We typically recommend these if you intend to wire it into your household switchboard, use a generator regularly, or expand in future. Otherwise, you can stick to the standard kit.

Most kits have other optional upgrades, such as larger inverters, which allow for higher wattage appliances to be used, or different batteries, which each have pros and cons related to price, weight, usable capacity, and lifespan. You'll find help for this in our knowledge base

If you're unsure which kit is right for you, whether to expand, or need something custom, feel free to get in touch and we can help!