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    Lead Acid GEL 12v200Ah (Standard) - 3-5 year lifespan, 60kg each, 50% usable depth of discharge
    Growatt ARK 48v53Ah LifePo4 Lithium (Upgrade) - 10+ year lifespan, 30kg each, 80% usable depth of discharge Add $2899 Per Battery (2.56kwh Each)

    Inverter Options:
    3000W Inverter (Standard) - Fully DIY, requires separate battery charger for generator
    5000W Growatt 5kW TL HVM Hybrid Inverter (Upgrade) - Requires electrician, allows for generator/mains input Add $700 
    6000W Growatt 6kW SPF Low-Freq. Hybrid Inverter (Upgrade) - Requires electrician, allows for generator/mains input Add $950

    Solar Panel:
    390W Trina Vertex S PERC mono solar panel - Upgrade in sets of 2's Add $500 Per Panel 

    Solar Panel Mount:
    Choice of Universal Roof Mount, Corrugated Iron Roof Mount, or Ground Mount (Standard)
    Adjustable Tilt Mount (Upgrade) Add $200

    Prebuilt Lockable Cabinet: 
    Have all the components pre-installed and wired into a lockable cabinet. All you have to do is run the battery and solar panels cables into it and connect them! Add $900

    Growatt WIFI-F Monitoring Device:
    Wifi-F is a plug and play monitoring device to help monitor the status of system. This device is installed on the hybrid inverter. Add $150

    EPEVER Remote Monitoring Device:
    MT75 - Epever Remote Monitor Add $68
    Epever Wifi - Download the App and monitor your system remotely from your Phone Add $75

    *For upgrade options - Please contact us