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    Bach Kit Giveaway

    Congratulations Leah Rewiti! Watch the video below. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see future GridFree Living episodes!

    When we met with Leah, she had been living off-grid in NZ for over 15 months with no power and no running water after returning to the whenua. In her words, Leah and her husband went grid-free because they "wanted to live freely, be self-sufficient, and to provide" for their 10 children and 19 mokopuna. They plan to be kaitiaki of the land, to make a place where their future generations can live too. Leah described winning the kit as "life-changing", and we're overjoyed to be able to give them the power they need to live off-grid.  

    After reading through so many stories of people facing hardship and living without reliable power, we know there is still an opportunity for us to help, so we have decided to run this giveaway again! Date still to be decided. We will announce this through email and announcements on our social media channels. We welcome everyone who missed out to re-enter next time.